An antidote to populism? “Take it seriously” | PUBLIC 31 years

Many remedies for major diseases. Pedro Adão e Silva recalls Silvio Berlusconi’s years in Italy and points out how to deal with populism. Prophylaxis includes “not treating as unfortunate those who vote or feel represented by populist proposals,” he argues, recalling the phrase Hillary Clinton used in the 2016 campaign to refer to supporters of Donald To refer to Trump. In addition, the media must resist the “almost uncontrollable call” to discuss the current situation “in terms suggested by the populist” and that “all parties” oppose “any kind of dialogue” with far-right parties. “Accepting that they can participate in governance solutions is an incentive for people to think it makes sense to vote for these parties because they affect governance” while reducing the “social censorship” of these parties, not least because they “never moderate”, warns.

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