Rúben Amorim: “You have to pay more to send me away” | Soccer

On March 6, 2020, Frederico Varandas introduced Rúben Amorim as the new coach of the “Lions”, who at the time was the fourth coach of the time, and at a price that seemed excessive (10 million) Amorim himself believed that someone would pay for it. Practically a year later, this contract, which was valid until 2023, became valid until 2024. The new bond was announced shortly before Amorim’s press conference to anticipate the game with Santa Clara. And of course that was the main topic of conversation with journalists.

“Because now? Both parties wanted to extend the contract, we were both happy. They have to pay a little more to send me away. The interested parties are not interested, this renewal is a reason to trust if we can’t win against Santa Clara everything will change, ”said Amorim.

And how was this year for Sporting? Amorim was short and preferred to think about what remained to be done. “It was a lot of what football is, with ups and downs, with a lot of work, and there is still a lot to be done, we are at the beginning, we haven’t achieved much yet, it goes on,” said Amorim, referring to it that missing third place last season was not part of his expectations, knowing that it would be difficult to make a “revolution” from the start.

“It was a hard to imagine scenario, knowing that it was difficult to make a revolution from the very first moment. I wouldn’t imagine we didn’t finish third last season … We are in a good moment but it can change, we have to keep an eye on it, game after game. Our goal is to win games, improve training and win titles. The contract term has been extended, but it doesn’t change anything we have to do. Game after game it’s easier to deal with what we’re doing, ”he said.

The renewal comes at a time when Sporting are the isolated and undefeated leaders with a significant advantage over their rivals. However, Amorim guarantees that his team will continue to focus on a game-by-game strategy without thinking about bigger goals. Until, according to the coach, Dragão’s game was not very successful: “We kept the advantage for FC Porto, but we didn’t have a great performance, we had good moments. We know fear will increase when the countdown starts. We lost one point to the second last week, but the players have done a good job this week and we will be ready. “

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