Costa chooses Marcelo as “guarantor” for the defense of the forest Council of Ministers

The Prime Minister and the President of the Republic showed this Thursday that they are in perfect harmony in defending the forest. And at the end of the Council of Ministers, which Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa attended at the end of his term in office, they exchanged praise. António Costa even had a present for the head of state.

With Marcelo’s presence in the Council of Ministers, António Costa wanted to mark the end of Marcelo’s first term in office, but not only that. “This initiative aims to highlight the good relations between the two sovereign bodies and the spirit of institutional cooperation between them,” says the Government agenda which also recalled that Cavaco Silva had also attended a ministerial meeting at the end of his second term. Marcelo called it “a good tradition”, “a question of courtesy and institutional solidarity”. And he immediately left to comment on the main topic of the meeting: measures for the forest.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa believed that “strategic solidarity is essential when it comes to spatial planning”. “In forestry matters, we all remember the tragedy of 2017. We all remember the scourge of forest fires before 2017 and in successive historical times, when there was no democracy and then democracy,” said the president.

For this reason, Marcelo stressed the importance of preventing fires and “having a common vision and strategy that everyone is involved in”, as happened after the great fires of 2017.

“Several diplomas were discussed and approved in this Council of Ministers, but most of all they recognized what is a national strategy that aims to do much more than prevent forest fires. And intervene, which is crucial to whether or not there are forest fires, ”he added.

On the day of the 20th anniversary of the fall of Entre-os-Rios, Marcelo declared that “the Portuguese understand well the importance of this long-term strategy”.

“There is nothing to prevent so that I do not have to remedy the situation afterwards,” he concluded, since in the Council of Ministers “all Portuguese people sat down because this is a national matter.

António Costa first thanked the President of the Republic for the “honor” he had given the government for attending the meeting. He recalled that five years ago, with the presence of Cavaco Silva, the sea was the main theme because it had marked the mandate of the previous president. Forests has now been chosen as the theme, because “for tragic reasons, too, it had a profound impact on Marcelo’s mandate.

“With this invitation, we wanted to point out that it was not just a courtesy to signal the excellent institutional collaboration that we have experienced over these five years, and also the strategic solidarity we have had in relation to the need to intervene Forest, ”said Costa.

The Prime Minister recalled the work the government has done on this matter, reducing the number of fires and scorched areas in recent years, and the importance of “moving the forest of the scourge of fire” issue to the areas that are the causes of the fires, such as the disorder of the territory.

“I am sure that the President of the Republic, in the new mandate starting next Tuesday, is the guarantor of ensuring the continuity of a strategic bet by the country beyond this legislature, and that cannot simply be a bet from the government “, Emphasized Costa.

And “as a symbol of this longevity, Costa Marcelo offered a bonsai that was already a hundred years old, as an example of what one must have:“ A forest that will last beyond our own existence, both in terms of political functions and into life itself “. Then they both went to the Palace of São Bento, where they had a working lunch.

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