Altice proposes 80% of telecommunications pay to workers aged 55 and 15 who work at home

The early retirement plan that Altice (owner of Meo) announced on Wednesday for workers aged 55 and over only allows those who have completed more than 15 years of service by December 30th to apply. April.

According to the information gathered by PUBLIC, the proposal for these workers is to guarantee 80% of basic salary and seniority and 40% of any other salary items that may exist, such as time off.

The company also guarantees to those participating in the program that the health plan will remain in effect “for those who will benefit from it” and that in the case of the communication plan, those who leave before retirement will “retain the applicable telephone services”. in every moment on your special case ”.

There is no age limit for terminations that have been negotiated or terminated by mutual agreement and that the company is also starting at the same time.

Registration for this exit plan (the second phase of Plano Pessoa after a first phase in 2019 resulted in the departure of 800 people, although expressions of interest exceeded 2000) ends on March 15, 2021.

The liability “is not binding and is subject to higher validation”. After the expression of interest, “they will be thoroughly analyzed”, after which they will be informed “of the company’s final decision”.

In an internal communication, the company calls this initiative an “Integrated Voluntary Resignation Organization Plan”, which “aims to ensure the sustainability of Altice Portugal in an increasingly aggressive, dynamic, unpredictable competitive market and with more demanding customers”.

This sustainability will only be possible “with an increasingly agile and flexible structure”, says the company led by Alexandre Fonseca.

In an interview with Diário de Notícias (DN), the director of Altice Human Resources, João Zúquete, hoped that this agreement could result in an achievement of two thousand people, “out of a total of nearly eight thousand direct and nearly 20,000 indirect”.

“If we compare the number of Altice Portugal’s direct employees with competing operators, we are talking about relevant discrepancies: Altice Portugal has around eight thousand, twice as many of our competitors combined,” he said.

The manager pointed a finger at the actions of the regulators Anacom and Autoridade da Concorrência, as their actions are affecting the company’s investment and activity. “The responsibility for this restructuring must be transferred to Anacom and AdC,” Zúquete told DN.

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