Viktor Orbán’s party leaves the European People’s Party | Hungary

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s party announced this Wednesday that it would leave the European People’s Party (PSA) bank after center-right MPs opened the door to expel him.

Fidesz’s withdrawal from the largest parliamentary bank will diminish Orbán’s influence over Brussels, accusing him of challenging the values ​​defended by the European Union on the rule of law and human rights.

“I inform you that the Fidesz MPs have resigned from the European People’s Party,” said Viktor Orbán in a letter to the chairman of the bank, the German Manfred Weber, which was published on Twitter by the Hungarian party’s vice-president. Katalin Novak.

At a meeting this Wednesday morning, the PSA group – consisting of PSD and CDS-PP – approved the new internal rules with a qualified majority “in order to adapt them to the current working methods of the group, namely to enable smooth remote working” but also lay down new procedures for the conditions for suspensions and exclusions, which now cover entire delegations and not just MPs. A measure that opened the door to the possible repeal of Fidesz.

This result appears to end a long-standing malaise in the group from which Fidesz had been suspended for two years since March 2019 for various positions considered anti-European and government-level actions considered violating fundamental rights, which led many members of the PSA to request their expulsion.

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