Turismo de Portugal launches platform to optimize refunds for travel agency customers

Turismo de Portugal launched an online platform this Wednesday to optimize the payment processes for travel credit, as the services contracted to travel and tourism agencies were not provided.

“As part of the Simplex + program, Turismo de Portugal now offers an online platform that simplifies and streamlines the submission and processing of cases to the Arbitration Commission for travelers in the event of the activation of the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund,” informed the Tourism Authority in a statement .

In this way, the process can now run “completely digitally” and an online form for the intervention request of the Arbitration Commission can be submitted, in which the requests for activation of the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund (FGVT) are taken into account. .

This fund, according to Turismo de Portugal, is “responsible for responding collectively to the payment of travel credits resulting from the failure to perform services provided to travel and tourism agencies”.

Upon receipt of FGTV activation requests, Turismo de Portugal will notify the relevant travel and tourism agencies to pay the amount due within 10 days prior to the triggering of the fund.

“If there is a place of payment for the FGVT, ie if the relevant travel or tourism agency or travel agents do not make payment, they must replace the amount used within a maximum of 15 days from the date of payment by the FGVT,” explained the enterprise.

State Secretary for Tourism, Rita Marques, mentioned in the same communication, welcomed the launch of the platform, stressing: “This solution facilitates access to services, improves the quality and speed of services and improves a quick and efficient response to people’s needs. and economic actors ”.

“It is an example that should be generalized as much as possible across the tourism value chain in order to reduce contextual costs and promote better tourism experiences,” he added.

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