The ridiculous did not die of opinion

In the article “Salazarism Has Not Died” published in PÚBLICO, the deputy Ascenso Luís Simões took up a number of categorizations about New Portugal, which find no support in the facts and which still deeply offend its good name.

Anyone who knows Nova Portugalidade knows that it is committed to defending heritage, historical memory and patriotism as the indispensable elixir of citizenship. He works for the dream of a community that will one day bring together at federal or federal level under common institutions the numerous peoples who, in connection with Portugal and in the Portuguese language, have the basis of their own identity. In contrast, in his article, Mr. Simões praised the destruction of historical heritage and even human life. If there is “fascism” in Portugal, no one will escape the fact that it is Sim ises who, like the real fascists of other times, publicly praises political violence and the totalitarian obliteration of the past.

As a result, contrary to the Honorable Member’s proposals, Nova Portugalidade has and has not intended to request the destruction or removal of a monument. All of your suggestions have been and always will be constructive. A current example is the case of the petition funded to preserve the flower combs of Praça do Império. This act of mobilizing citizens counts at this time with the subscription of more than 14,000 people who, among signatories and supporters, have recognized merits in their public intervention. In this way, Nova Portugalidade’s culture and heritage initiatives can be supported by citizens from across the political spectrum.

Mr. Simões’ talent for ridicule may not have died. Your credibility, yes. If his purpose was to embarrass New Portugal, he could only embarrass himself. For the millions of Portuguese who see in the PS the expression of an urban, civilized and pluralistic left, their words will have appeared on all surprising titles. More than ever, it is important that all patriots, democrats and advocates of moderation reject violence, both physical and symbolic, and make it clear that Simões’ words are not only despicable but also inconsistent with the political culture of civilized nations.

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