The public service opens 500 internships for young people up to the age of 30 Public function

The regulations for the new internship program in public administration for young graduates up to 30 years of age looking for their first job or a job appropriate to their training area have already been published. It is about 500 vacancies for senior technicians, the distribution of which is not yet known and is determined by a government decree marking the start of applications for EstágiAP XX.

The program calls for internships to last nine months, either full-time or part-time, and a scholarship of € 998.50 (the amount equivalent to the first compensation position in a senior technician’s career) plus a meal allowance ( 4.77 euros) is paid per day) and insurance.

The Minister for Modernization of the State and Public Administration, Alexandra Leitão, had already said that the aim of the government was to make the selection and placement process for candidates “fast and very simplified” so that the internships can start in April.

According to the regulation published on Wednesday, applications must be submitted within five working days of the publication of the regulation with the distribution of vacancies. The entire process will be available online and through the Public Employment Exchange portal (at

The analysis of the applications, including the verification of the requirements and the validation of the supporting documents, is the responsibility of the General Directorate for the Qualification of Workers in Public Functions (INA), which must publish the order within 15 working days of the list of approved applicants and the list of excluded applicants. This deadline can be extended by decision of the INA management if there are more than 1500 applications. The selection and placement process must be completed within a maximum of 60 days after the publication of the ordinance with the distribution of vacancies.

The regulation provides that in the event of a tie, preference will be given to candidates with disabilities, children or dependents under the age of 12, as well as candidates with master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

Young people who are attending or have attended professional internship programs wholly or partially financed by the state, namely internships included in previous editions of the professional internship program in the central public administration, the professional internship program in the local administration or the programs integrated by the Institute for Employment and Professional Training.

Although the distribution of vacancies is not yet known, the resolution of the Council of Ministers published on Wednesday gives priority to companies that have projects ongoing in 2021 that are attractive to qualified young people, professional institutions that lack human resources the labor market and services with an aging workforce.

The program does not guarantee young people that they will be in the services at the end of the internship. Apprentices who have been successful in the program and who apply for competitive recruitment procedures in the next two years will be increased by two values ​​in the final classification (provided that the assignment of this increase does not result in a classification higher than 20) and give preference to the same classification.

In order to increase the transparency of the process, the departments responsible for holding recruitment competitions must promote this increase.

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