Salvador Malheiro was required to explain the ambiguous response to the race for Ovar local elections

The PSD’s vice-president and member of the PSD’s national self-sufficient commission, Salvador Malheiro, wrote in his reports on social networks this Wednesday that he has not yet decided whether he will run again for the presidency of the Chamber of Ovar. The messages were released shortly after the party leadership finished publishing the list of the 77 mayors standing for re-election in local elections, including their names.

“I am very grateful for the trust and respect my party has shown, but I would like to make it clear that I am still Mayor of Ovar and will decide in due course whether or not to run again for another term,” began Salvador Malheiro, who is one of the social democrats who are part of the PSD electoral council.

Shortly afterwards (18 minutes), the PSD’s national leader, who did not attend the local candidates’ presentation session, corrected the shot, which was interpreted as a rejection. “Given the misinterpretation they are making about my words, I would like to say this: I am not demining the national leadership, quite the opposite! I am soul and heart with it. As the city coordinator José Silvano explained very well, I will soon announce my decision! Strength PSD! ”

Salvador Malheiro, who was contacted by the PUBLIC, reiterated that he did not deny the national leadership of the PSD, “on the contrary”. “I fully agree with the statements in which José Silvano made it clear that the timing of decisions and the respective announcements of candidacies are responsible for each of the candidates,” he said, refusing to comment.

The publication was not without political readings, and some Social Democrats said privately that “Salvador would take off from Rui Rio” that he did not like the outcome of the dinner the PSD vice president promoted with the independent Rui Moreira given about three weeks political understanding between the PSD and the Porto Mayor Movement.

But there are those in the party who read it differently and claim that the name Salvador Malheiro was proposed by the PSD as a candidate for the Porto Chamber because he is the person “most famous after Rui Rio”. When asked about this possibility, Salvador Malheiro declined to answer.

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