PS and PSD insist on leading names to inspect the criminal information system, but to renew some of the parliamentary secrets

The PS and PSD banks will insist on the names that they proposed back in July and that were rejected by the Board of Directors of the Integrated Criminal Information System (CFSIIC): Deputy and Former Deputy State Secretary for Internal Administration Isabel Oneto and Deputy António Gameiro for the socialists and Luciano Gomes for the social democrats. The vote is scheduled for the 11th of this month and the candidates must receive a two-thirds majority of the eligible MPs, so an agreement between the two largest parties is required.

However, this is only one of the eleven external bodies for which the Assembly of the Republic must elect representatives, although only five of this list (including the CFSIIC) are considered difficult precisely because a qualified majority is required for the election of candidates. The difficulty was also reflected in the fact that the PS within the bank could not understand what name to give to the Superior Information Council, an advisory body for the secretaries, and had to ask the PSD to postpone this election. In July, the names of Jorge Lacão (PS) and André Coelho Lima (PSD) did not get enough votes to be elected and if the PSD were to re-lead their vice-president the PS could not find a candidate (Lacão had already done it) twice failed, in 2017 the election to the Supreme Council for Homeland Security).

Still clandestinely, the election to the supervisory board of the information system of the Portuguese Republic has been suspended since July after the leadership of Luís Patrão (PS) and Joaquim da Ponte (PSD). If the Social Democrats keep their name, the PS is now running for former Education Minister Susana Amador.

After Manuel Costa Andrade left the Constitutional Court last month, the PSD elected the current President of the Political Accounting and Finance Unit, José Eduardo Figueiredo Dias, to run for TC judge.

For the vacant seat on the Supreme Council for National Defense, for which the Socialist Deputy General Secretary José Luís Carneiro could not be elected, the PS intends to elect the Deputy of the Azores and the Vice-President of the Bank Lara Martinho.

There were no candidates for the State Secrecy Supervisory Authority, the work and usefulness of which the PS parliamentary chairman questioned at last week’s Conference of Heads of State and Government and asked for this body to be revised.

For external bodies that only need a simple majority for the election of representatives of Parliament, the joint list for the National Ethics Council for Life Sciences includes Miguel Oliveira and Silva, Margarida Silvestre, Luís Duarte Madeira and André Dias Pereira (at least PS) and Maria do Céu Patrão Neves and Carlos Maurício Barbosa (for PSD). The list of deputies consists of Maria Sobrinho Simões and Jorge Ribeiro de Araújo (PS) as well as Carlos Mota Cardoso and Firmino Marques (PSD).

For the Administrative Document Access Commission (CADA), Tiago de Freitas (PS) and Sónia Ramos (PSD) are on the list. And for the RTP Opinion Council, the PS suggested Simonetta Luz Afonso (just left the Independent General Council), Felisbela Lopes, Estrela Serrano (former member of the ERC), Maria Inácia Rezola and Fernando Pinheiro Correia – with deputies Vera Lemos and Cristina Ponte – , while the names given by the PSD are José Carlos Barros, Nassalete Miranda, Florbela Guedes and Paulo Faustino (and Clara Frexes as an alternative).

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