Maria José Valério, the voice of “Viva o Sporting”, died of covid-19 | death

After hospitalization on February 20, Maria José Valério, the songwriter who gave voice to the March of Viva o Sporting, died on Wednesday at the age of 87, a victim of covid-19, a source at Casa do Artista said. The interpreter of Menina dos Phones (1961) died in the Hospital de Santa Maria in Lisbon.

The artist was one of five people infected with the new coronavirus and hospitalized after an outbreak at Casa do Artista in Carnide, Lisbon. The number of people infected during the Covid-19 outbreak at Casa do Artista in Lisbon was 33. Among the residents of the room, there were “18 active cases, of which 13 are in the facility, properly separated from the negative, and five are being hospitalized,” Lusa said on Feb. 19. Casa do Artista has about 70 residents and 30 employees.

After her full name Maria José Valério Dourado, the artist was born on May 3, 1933 in Amadora and is a name associated with the Sporting Clube de Portugal, both because of her voice that gives the Viva o Sporting March ( so famous that she ended up being mistaken for the club’s official anthem) as well as his head-to-toe affection, with his green hair providing some sort of brand image.

Maria José Valério’s artistic path is broader, however, as she has gone through the National Broadcaster and gained notoriety for her interpretation of marches as Olhó police signalers by António Silva and Maria José Figueiredo or of songs like Humorous Girl on the Phone by Manuel Paião and Eduardo Damas or As Carvoeiras by Alberto Ribeiro.

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