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Attitude of pegureiros?

The city of Porto was an outdoor cafeteria (meaningless) last Thursday. Anyone who went to the Allies, D. João I and (at least) the São Bento train station – and it wasn’t from here … – would say that the people of Porto were a strange group of people who no longer were proud and hospitable to a needy human group, a beggar or the homeless. Between 12 noon and 2 pm, the stairs of Invicta’s “living room” buildings, CP benches, bank branch entrances and building niches where homeless people sleep at night were busy with clean and well-groomed people. They are the ones who have to work, unable to eat at work, find themselves in need of having their meals on the street, and submit to the shame of having them in front of the – if few – eyes of half to hide the mirones, which, including them, as I feel the call of the shame of others …

If the pandemic and incarceration persists, then who can create the minimum conditions to honor those who cannot stop going to work and cannot stop at work? A sentence by Teixeira de Pascoais came to my mind: “… without poetry, this planet will only be a refectory and a cemetery.” My (my) city of Porto already has cemeteries but no community cafeterias that take the queues away from the homeless at night and therefore turn lunchtime into a land of breeders for those tough and strange days at lunchtime!

Maria Morais Mendes, Canidelo

Appeal to António Costa

After listening to the Prime Minister yesterday to appeal to everyone’s bourgeois spirit and to rightly say that the tragedies are repeating itself but the tragedy of last January cannot be repeated, I felt that I had to take out my indignation. On the same newscast, I heard shortly before that, in addition to overdue wages, construction workers were not being tested, as announced by the government. Yes, the number of newly infected people has dropped significantly, but how many tests are done each day? We do not know. It is obvious that the number of newly infected people will be very positive if there is a lot of testing to be done. To tell the truth, I doubt it. And why do I doubt it? Because in a country where there were only free tests for a small percentage of the population, I failed to notice that the number of tests (such a mass of tests) existed.

In contrast to the Prime Minister, I appeal to the civic spirit of the government so that in every neighborhood, in every municipal council, whatever they want, a test can be carried out without having to pay sixty or one hundred euros per test, even then, when we’re at a line of contagion and we want to stop it. I urge the Prime Minister to give us the least amount of security and to show us that they are doing things differently because there is the old saying: “Making the same mistakes waiting for different results is madness.”

I would like to know that instead of saving six hundred million euros on social security in 2020, I have spent it on free tests, etc. No, I don’t feel safe at all. I just see an extension of the time between vaccines (not recommended by the drug company that makes them) politicians putting responsibility on the population and unfortunately I don’t see anything very good. I hope i’m wrong I’m fed up with the pandemic like everyone else, but I’m fed up with this cheap, accusatory, and non-comforting patronizing.

Maria de Barros, Lisbon

It is not a historian who classifies himself

D. Simpson slandered me again in PUBLIC and other colleagues. Just a reminder of his lies: my book The History of PIDE is a very short version of my PhD thesis (defended 2006) which is about 150 pages long on the subject he is now studying. I didn’t read or pretend I didn’t. Then I have three other books on PIDE in addition to this one. And there’s another coming out next year. You will have your answer soon. And it won’t be in the papers.

Irene Flunser Pimentel, historian

Go to Mars or fly with TAP?

My dear fellow citizens, you heard on a television news station yesterday, March 1st rather than April 1st, that the US mission to send perseverance to Mars cost less than the astronomical amount that Portugal is already paying has buried in TAP? Consider the size of the United States on all levels compared to our small size.

Do you even think that we can ever produce so many trillions of millions that are melted down by authentic black holes? The fact is that in addition to these ícaros on land, we will support many more without knowing how to do it.

José Amaral Restaurant Reviews, Vila Nova de Gaia

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