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As we all know, the law is not always enforced. It’s a mundane phrase, but a reality. It remains to examine its legitimacy and its degree of execution.

In fact, the Portuguese are very sick of imprisonment with no planning or an end in sight: they don’t know when or (especially) how deflation will take place.

With luck, the Portuguese will know something on March 11th, an odd date chosen for the government’s announcement of deflationary measures, provided the planning is real and concrete. If what happened is enough, the government must demand that the Portuguese continue to stay at home as a rule. It is easier, but at a cost that we will pay – socially and economically – for several years.

It turns out that, at least for those traveling through the capital, the effective lack of definition has already begun. Just walk through the streets.

Many Portuguese have already given up prison sentences, curfews, but also the use of masks, in an indifference that makes us fear the worst.

All of this is happening in part due to the confusion of the government, which has always embraced the ramifications of the announcement, privileging political management over objective management of the health crisis, and providing the usual information that is contrary to the taste of the convenience and (also changeable) Opinions from experts who are in vogue in every moment. But it also happens that the authorities are constantly unsupervised, that the authorities watch how numerous police cars are parked, sometimes in pairs, and see the agents in pleasant conversations with each other, even if they are passed on to them before the eyes of several violations and notorious for the norms of the state of emergency.

It’s not fiction. Last weekend was an example of this, almost as if there was some strange complicity between inspectors and inspectors.

According to PUBLIC, on February 28, four million Portuguese took to the streets on Saturday, and not just in the morning. The mobility data, in turn, show that traffic in Lisbon accounts for around 75% of normal pre-Covid, which means that in fact, although not required by law, a large percentage of the population has decided in the sense of with or suspecting without a plausible one Pretext.

An obvious – if not real – reduction in the number of security guards on the streets is not enough when it is almost inefficient. Maybe the bad example comes from above. But we carry on like this, as is typical of our nature.

Since only a few are already afraid of the sanctions announced for the state of emergency, everyone does what they want with the usual exceptions. Last weekend Portugal really showed itself “in ink” to be locked up.

We need to get to the bottom of the problem because the government cannot be told that it is okay on this matter and for this reason many have already stopped believing its recommendations and promises.

The state of emergency and the respective regulations in themselves have ceased to be a useful tool for many Portuguese, not least because the hope of strong public intervention (already announced several times and not implemented) in the fight against the pandemic is appropriate and appropriate means As shown by the low test level and the low level of vaccination, always in a context of political apology that tests the patience of the population. In addition, people don’t fail to see those who abuse the meager vaccines available with no candy or shame. Thus, the larvae ‘rebellion’ begins to be dangerous.

Perhaps it would not be a bad idea to take a look at Madeira, where the measures required from the outset have been imposed promptly but efficiently with the excellent results we know

It is also no wonder that some citizens did not respond to the call for vaccination. Not all Portuguese have a mobile phone or know how to fully use it, nor do they have the skills to access complicated digital means to register for vaccination purposes.

For example, try to access Coronavirus / Covid19 (services.min-health). Hell. Hellish or even Kafkaesque is the answer.

Perhaps, in spite of everything, the Portuguese are beginning to disbelieve and disobey, with all that that entails.

Perhaps it would not be a bad idea to keep an eye on Madeira, where action was needed from the start, imposed promptly but efficiently with the excellent results known.

On the whole there is a feeling of almost bitterness and despair. In reality, the current detention has actually ended, if not legally.

Given the lack of hope, has some kind of “civil disobedience” developed?

The author writes according to the new orthographic convention

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