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Fred and Inês talk about things … also on P3. And they are back! The podcast by Inês Afonso and Fred Gomes is part of the “Rede PÚBLICO”. About this week’s episode:

“Happy middle of the week, friends!

How are we doing on that first Wednesday in March? No comments right? We know. BUT we’re really excited about this new episode because we think it’s a topic that isn’t talked about enough, not far or close.

This week we talked about being an introvert and how you’ve been treated unfairly all your life, you know what? The world is once again made for only one type of person, the extrovert, resulting in introverts being suppressed and possibly hurt just for being who they are.

There are different people in the world, everyone knows this, but the world does not adjust to these differences and leaves some people at a disadvantage before they can even try.

We really want to hear your thoughts on this! Do we have introverts here? Tell us about your experience.

Talk to us on Instagram (@ofredeaines, @fredaagomes or @inesmafonso), Facebook or by email (ofredeaines@gmail.com). You can send questions through AskFm or a voice message through Anchor. “

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