The ideological outline of scientific thought opinion

Joana Cabral is Professor of Psychology at the Universidade Lusófona do Porto and Director of SOS Racismo. A few days ago I wrote in a critical tone of your intervention at TVI24 in which you argued that “racism does not exist from blacks to whites”, but only from whites to blacks, arguing that racism is “political and economic” System ”and no“ interpersonal attitude ”. In the meantime, Joana Cabral responded to my criticism in an article entitled “From White to White: Rigor and Justice”. I am returning to the subject because there is one detail that I feel is too important to ignore, and that I already denounced in my original article: the promotion of an unacceptable confusion between ideology and science by a university professor. Referring to academic scrolls to add credibility to your position on this matter is an intellectual scam.

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