Putin highlights Mikhail Gorbatchov’s role on his 90th birthday in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin highlighted the role of the last Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbatchov, in the history of the country and the world by congratulating him on his 90th birthday this Tuesday.

“You rightly belong to the group of extraordinary and brilliant people, prominent statesmen of modern times, who have had a significant influence on national and world history,” said Putin in his congratulatory telegram to Gorbatchov published by the Kremlin.

The Russian President added that it is gratifying that Gorbatchov’s “great professional experience” and “creative potential” are helping him today “to actively participate in popular social and educational work and to pay attention to the implementation of international humanitarian projects”.

Gorbachev, meanwhile, said in an interview published this Tuesday by the TASS news agency that “changes are certainly necessary”.

“It doesn’t matter what you call her. The reforms, the perestroika, a process for the country to achieve a normal and dignified life for all people, ”he said.

According to Gorbachev, the main cause of his life was perestroika, a process of change that he promoted in 1985 as leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (USSR).

“The most important thing that we achieved internally was that people gained freedom and ended the totalitarian system (…). The most important thing on the international stage was the end of the Cold War and the drastic reduction in nuclear weapons, ”he said of the successes of his government.

The last president of the Soviet Union will celebrate his birthday with a video conference with his family and friends, according to a close source quoted by the Russian official agency RIA Novosti.

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