PS makes a backdown and simplifies signature capture for independent local elections applications

The PS has already submitted the new proposal to amend the municipal electoral law, with which it now intends to make the conditions required for independent candidates less demanding. The bill was passed in the Assembly of the Republic this Tuesday and comes after several independent mayors pointed out “unconstitutionality” of the changes introduced by the PS and PSD in July. It is about the use of the same acronyms and symbols of the independent candidacies in the chambers and parishes, as well as the simplification of the collection of signatures, which allows the proponents to support the same movements in the candidacies for the different municipal bodies that are in the United States coexist area of ​​parish.

Signed by Parliamentary Speaker Ana Catarina Mendes and Deputy Pedro Delgado Alves, the diploma recognizes that “local elected officials have raised concerns about interpretative doubts that may arise from some recent changes” and that a clarification (and two Amendments).

The Socialist Bank suggests that groups of citizens “who submit a candidacy to the municipal council and assembly bodies at the same time” can submit a candidacy to the parishes of the same parish, provided that the number of signatures collected is at least “the sum” of the members of the parishes . respective assembly and parish council “and that these are supporters who are registered in the parish concerned. In this way the PS does not justify the” necessary connection to the parish of each parish in which it intends to submit a candidacy ” July revised law, independent movements with candidacies for chambers and parishes for each of these bodies must collect signatures as if they were no longer running.

The diploma presented by the PS also removes the ban on independent movements from using the same symbols and acronyms used in parishes and allows their use in applications to local bodies. However, the use of the name of a candidate in the designation of a movement can only be made if that candidate is the first on the relevant list and if the movement only requests a body (the name of the movement cannot be based on it solely in the singular name).

The draft law also takes the opportunity to update already outdated references to the identity card and the voter card and replace them with the citizenship card and the registration area.

In order to approve the changes, the PS needs eight votes in addition to the 108 votes from its parliamentary bench. For the PUBLIC, a Left Bloc source believes that the Socialist withdrawal “hits” what has already been defended by the Bloc, adding that it is an “acknowledgment of the mistake the PS itself made in accordance with the PSD made “. BE is also preparing amendments on this subject “which will be tabled shortly”.

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