Meghan wants from “Mail on Sunday” | Reimbursed 1.7 million euros for legal costs Average

The Duchess of Sussex plans to receive £ 1.5m to cover the legal costs of the lawsuit against Mail on Sunday, a newspaper that published excerpts from a personal letter Meghan sent to her father. In February, a London Supreme Court judge ruled that the tabloid had violated the plaintiff’s privacy and copyright law by publishing portions of the five-page letter she sent to her father, Thomas Markle, with which he did not see days of his marriage agreed to the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and the sixth in a row, Prince Harry.

Judge Mark Warby ruled in Meghan Markle’s favor without passing a judgment, saying the articles were a clear breach of privacy after the newspaper argued that the Duchess intended to publish the letter’s contents, and that all of this Part of a strategy.

At a hearing this Tuesday to investigate costs and other outstanding issues, the filings submitted to the court found that Meghan’s attorneys had charged fees of £ 1.5 million (EUR 1.7 million), half of that amount was payable within 14 days.

His legal team also asked the newspaper to hand over all copies of the letter and asked the judge to order the newspaper to publish a front-page statement of Meghan’s victory and a warning on its online edition to say “No” stay. less than six months ”. The lawyers’ justification is: “The plaintiff is seeking publication and disclosure to deter future offenders.”

The Duchess’ attorney, Ian Mill, said in court that they were not trying to punish the newspaper and that they would accept nominal damages based on the profits Mail on Sunday made from their articles, saying that this was one “Proportional” form of be carry on.

However, Sunday’s Mail seeks to appeal Judge Warby’s decision, arguing that other issues, such as whether or not Meghan had exclusive ownership of the copyright to the letter, need to be addressed.

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