BE asks the Minister of Housing for an urgent hearing on housing over PRR

The Left Bloc faction tabled a motion to request an urgent hearing from the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, on the housing component of the restoration and resilience plan.

The blockers want to discuss the housing commitments entered into in the PRR, arguing that they are largely based on the “New Generation of Housing Policies program of 2017 and even more on the First Right program with an already outdated survey”.

The bloc is concerned about the way non-repayable investments are being allocated, recalling that it is unclear “how the government will overcome a need that is already expected to be much greater than what it is 2017 and how it will ensure it All municipalities have access to non-refundable assistance, even if they have not completed their applications by that date. “

There are currently 35 local housing strategies that have been approved by the IHRU and 26 cooperation agreements that have been signed with 25 municipalities. These commitments alone have already reached half of the funds registered in the PRR to fund this housing access program. “It is also important to understand the timing, funding terms, and access and geographic distribution models for this program and the Urgent Housing Exchange,” the left block adds.

The PRR promises to invest around 1,633 million euros in non-repayable funds and 1,149 million euros in loans. The loan component will provide $ 774 million for affordable public housing and $ 375 million for affordable student accommodation.

“With regard to this government option, we are concerned that the opportunity to effectively address structural housing problems for students and the population in general is being missed, which in turn increases local and university debt,” argue the MPs from Bloco de Esquerda, Isabel Pires and Maria Manuela Rolo.

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