“I was very close to death.” Lady Gaga’s supervisor recovers people

Lady Gaga’s zookeeper spoke for the first time after she was shot four times in the chest by the attackers who abducted the singer’s two bulldogs last Wednesday, February 24. Ryan Fischer says he is “very close to death”. The two dogs Koji and Gustav have since been rescued safe and sound.

Ryan Fischer was shot four times in the chest last Wednesday night while walking with Lady Gaga’s three dogs – Koji, Gustav and Miss Asia. Now the zookeeper reported on a photo shared on Instagram from the hospital bed, where he is recovering from serious injuries.

“An angel ran to me and lay down next to me,” reports Fischer, referring to Miss Asia, the singer’s dog, who managed to escape the attackers. As blood gushed from the wounds caused by the bullets, the zookeeper said he managed to calm his “panic cries” by looking at the dog next to him.

Then he said he had grabbed the dog as best he could and “thanked him for all the adventures they had lived together”. “I apologized for not being able to defend my brothers,” wrote Ryan Fischer, adding that he decided to save her anyway, let her go and save himself.

The zookeeper described the dog Miss Asia as her “guardian angel”. While waiting for them to come to the rescue, he smiled at the animal and said that in it he found the strength to describe the attackers in order to be able to help not only himself but also the two French bulldogs of the singers, which have since been recovered.

From one moment to the next, “life took a sudden and unexpected turn,” lamented Fischer, who said he was rescued by neighbors and that other people were in the area. “I was very close to death,” emphasized the zookeeper in the caption of the photo that was taken at the hospital, where he is still recovering. He thanked the “love received from all over the world” and admitted that he had stayed away from what was published in the press as it was all “intense”.

Ryan Fischer took the opportunity to thank the police, who had safely recovered Koji and Gustav. “I know they commit to bringing these criminals to justice. I am very grateful for everything you continue to do, ”he wrote. He also left a message for his family and friends who wept with him and “laughed at the morbid jokes”.

The pictures of the dogs that he received from his customers “did wonders” for his state of mind. It also says, “When I see their snouts light up when they hear my name, I am motivated to relax so that I can see them and play with them again. very soon “.

The zookeeper concludes with a thank you message to all health professionals and emergency technicians who have helped him. Ryan Fischer didn’t miss the opportunity to address Lady Gaga: “We did it! Your babies are back and the family is complete. You have shown so much support during this crisis, both for me and for my family. I love you thank you “

My beloved dogs Koji and Gustav were taken in Hollywood two nights ago. My heart is sick and I pray that with an act of kindness my family will get well again. I’ll pay $ 500,000 to return it safely. Send an email to KojiandGustav@gmail.com to contact us. pic.twitter.com/3NY9u7Mw2K

– Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) February 26, 2021

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