Biden suggests financial assistance for families separated on the Mexican border with the United States

The United States could pay for transportation, health, legal, and employment and education services for migrants separated under former President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” border strategy, the State Department said. US Homeland Security (DHS) Mondays.

The intent is part of a list of principles published by the government of President Joe Biden to guide the family reunification plan at a time when the government is trying to protect the more than 500 migrant children from the borders policy separated from their predecessors, identified and brought together with their parents.

“We are working through the Department of Homeland Security and the federal government to bring together children who have been cruelly separated from their parents,” said DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in a written statement.

In 2018, Trump introduced the Zero Tolerance Strategy, which stipulated that anyone crossing borders outside of official locations would be arrested and brought to justice. This resulted in thousands of children on the U.S.-Mexico border being separated from parents trying to enter illegally in search of shelter or work.

Biden ended this policy days after taking office, but reversing the effects of the measure will take months, if not years. As US President Jen Psaki’s spokeswoman said on the February 2 publication of the Executive Order setting out the family reunification plan, “We want to act quickly, we want to act quickly, but we also need to make sure we get through it do a strategic policy process “.

Jen Psaki added that the first report on the reunification plan was slated for June and that many families would have to wait up to two years.

In the same executive order as of February 2, the Biden government proposed that consideration be given to returning the deported parents to the United States as well.

As an alternative policy, given the critical situation faced by migrants, Biden plans to develop programs to accompany those entering the United States and ensure they are given permission rather than being held at the border immediately.

However, with thousands of migrants waiting in camps along the Mexican border for a response from the new administration, Biden had already warned in December that he would take steps to avoid an outlier entering the United States.

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