GNR confiscated tons of clams and counterfeit items in the south of the crime country

Two tons of Japanese shells and several counterfeit clothing and footwear were confiscated in Alcochete for a total value of 20,000 euros, the GNR announced this Sunday.

The operation, launched by the Setúbal Territorial Command, took place on Saturday in the cities of Samouco and Alcochete.

The soldiers of the department of Montijo acted as part of the inspection of the measures imposed for the state of emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the control of the collection of mussels in the Tagus Estuary, where they discovered some people.

33 kilograms of oysters and shellfish harvesting materials were also confiscated.

A fake report was sent to the Montijo Judicial Court.

“58 people were also identified for violating the Covid-19 measures, and the respective administrative offenses were drawn up for violating the restriction on freedom of movement between municipalities,” the GNR said in a statement.

A fake report was sent to the Montijo Judicial Court.

The Coastal Control Unit also confiscated 14,163 kilograms of Japanese mussels with an estimated value of 141,488 euros in the municipality of Montemor-o-Novo.

During this inspection, two men, aged 26 and 41, were identified who were transporting the mussels in a heavy-duty vehicle without the required minimum measures and without a registration document for live molluscs and bivalve molluscs hygienic-hygienic terms ”.

The mussels have been returned to their natural habitat.

GNR warned that in order to ensure the sustainability of the fish and the sector, it is important that everyone, from consumers to fishermen, “recognize the vulnerability of this type of species,” with the “utmost importance” of catching and fishing being paramount is commercialization of this resource in the context of regulatory measures.

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