Carolina Deslandes, Joana Alegre, NEEV and Eu.Clides in the final of the Song Festival | Song Festival

The ten songs coming to the Song Festival finale next week are already known. This Saturday evening the second semifinals of this year’s edition took place, the 55th, a broadcast by Tânia Ribas de Oliveira and José Carlos Malato. Inês Lopes Gonçalves spoke to the competitors in the green space and Joana Martins in the online broadcast. Of the ten themes defended at this stage of the competition, Joana do mar, Joana Alegre, Carolina Deslandes, Por vou triz, Pedro Gonçalves, Dancing in the Stars, NEEV and Volte-face, Pedro da Linha, with texts by Tota , performed by Eu.Clides.

This wave of winners completes the list of songs from the first semifinals, which took place last weekend: In deepest longing is a composition by Helder Moutinho, performed by Valéria, Saudade, from Karetus with Romeu Bairos, Love is on my side, from The Black Mamba, Dia Lindo by and by Fábia Maia and Contramão by Filipe Melo with texts by Teresa Sequeira, sung by Sara Afonso. One of these songs will go to Rotterdam in May to represent Portugal at Eurovision.

In addition to the competition themes, which included the voices of Da Chick, Tainá, Ariana, Ana Tereza and Graciela, there was, as usual, space to pay tribute to the festival’s past. This in another semi-final that had no audience due to the pandemic in the RTP studio where the show took place. The 25th anniversary of My Heart has no color marked, played by Lúcia Moniz in 1996, who returned to the festival stage to sing the theme that put Portugal in sixth place in the Eurovision in Oslo, the best result we have by 2017, Salvador Sobral had won the year. AGIR, Paulo de Carvalho’s son, surprised his father, who was part of the jury this year, and celebrated 50 years of Flor without time and 47 years of E after parting, songs his father sang at the festival.

After a first semi-final dominated by the sound of the Portuguese guitar, it was only in Com tonight to see abraço, from Viviane to Ana Tereza. There was disco sound and post from the 1980s – with the right, with one of the winners I won’t stick to saxophone solo with Pedro Gonçalves -, drama, ballads with and without danceable swing, among other things.

The winners were determined by the jury, located in a separate studio made up of the aforementioned Paulo de Carvalho, but also by singers Rita Guerra and Marta Carvalho, who played Fear of Feeling last year, the song that would have gone to Eurovision if it had been performed, as well as composer / singer / rapper torreense NBC, broadcaster Vanessa Augusto, also presenter of Eléctrico, the RTP program, and photographer Rita Carmo.

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