PSP interrupts the birthday party with 25 people in Évora | Coronavirus

The Public Security Police (PSP) interrupted an illegal party in Évora on Friday. A total of 25 people attended the gathering – which turned out to be a birthday party – police said in a statement sent to newsrooms.

PSP identified those present at the party and fined ten people for not complying with the general duty to collect the house. Police explain that this birthday party consisted mostly of children and teenagers and that fines were handed out to adults.

“Upon arrival at the construction site, it was found that there was actually a birthday party with around 25 people. After the end was ordered and the participants left overseas, those who were not residents were identified and left after being told that their behavior was not permissible given the current state of emergency. The action of the PSP resulted in ten people being assessed for non-compliance with the general duty to collect household items from adults responsible for administrative violations, with the remaining people being children and young people, ”explains the PSP in the statement.

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