GNR interrupts the Odemira community meeting and asks if the meeting is legal to GNR

A patrol in their usual round came across a gathering of people outside the ward council meeting and asked what was going on.

The unusual thing this morning was the meeting of the community assembly of Odemira (AM). A GNR patrol in Odemira asked some members of the AM outside the Camacho Costa Cine theater for clarification and asked what was going on there. One of the city MPs, Pedro Gonçalves, elected by Bloco de Esquerda (BE), told the PUBLIC that elements of the patrol claimed that “the meeting was not attended by the authorities”.

Pedro Gonçalves said he didn’t know what to say right now. GNR members said the meeting was illegal, and the city MP appointed the community assembly president, Ana Aleixo, to ask for further clarification.

The BE MP said there were 47 people in the room where the AM was taking place, between city MPs and support officials, stressing that the GNR elements insisted on identifying those present and asked if they could contact the authorities informed about the meeting taking place.

Community Assembly President Ana Aleixo (PS) told the PUBLIC that she had informed the two military personnel of the manner in which the AM meeting was being held, as required by law. The meeting was announced in advance through notices in the appropriate places. The state of emergency legislature and the requirements for the restriction constituted “an exception” that made the meetings of the local authority possible.

For this reason, AM was held in the amphitheater in order to comply with the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health and to keep the required distances.

The PUBLIC asked Captain Hugo Monteiro of the PR office of the Beja Territorial Command of the GNR for clarification, and the statement is different from that of the mayors.

A GNR patrol passing the Cine-Teatro Camacho Costa found a crowd of people outside the building who “mostly smoked”. The elements of the guard were surprised by the incident and “asked some of those present what was going on without being able to get a concrete explanation.”

When some municipal MPs had already been identified, Ana Aleixo went outside the cinema and informed the elements of the patrol that “the meeting of the municipal assembly was taking place”.

The GNR military confirmed that “the orders issued by the Directorate-General of Health” regarding the detachment and wearing of a mask have been met and “no notification of violations has been issued,” said Captain Hugo Monteiro.

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