“Be active anti-racist,” says a white bear. Cataestrófica gives animals a voice to educate us Illustration

Anthropomorphic beings who criticize society through humor and satire are the ingredients of Cataestrófica, Catarina Lopes’ illustration project. Does the idea sound familiar to you? It could have left the Netflix series Bojack Horseman, but the creator says no. The purpose is personal. Catastrophic was born in January 2020 with the goal of venting and changing behaviors after the author was the target of a harassment situation on a bus.

Every picture is different. Everything starts with private or collective experiences. You can treat racism by having a white animal next to the mirror with the phrase “Be active anti-racist. Recognize your privilege ”. Show that men are also crying, uncovering wage differences, or discussing consumption by drawing a bird that says that if they cannot go shopping, they don’t know the meaning of life. “I try to combine different elements of such a chaos and such a catastrophe and then to create some kind of balance or to seek this balance through my own development, my training and also through practice, to educate or collect opinions that differ from differentiate between my own and other people. ” , explains P3.

The passion for drawing comes from a child. “I would scribble any surface that could, from tables to anywhere,” he laughs. He has a degree in fine arts and one of his most famous illustrations, Monstrução, appears in the documentary O Meu Sangue. Catarina’s 30 year trait has hit more and more people, but classifying her as an illustrator is too much in her opinion. “Sometimes when I’m asked if I’m an illustrator I want to come on the table three times because I really think I’m just an illustrator in my spare time.” Or, if we prefer, “Alchemist of Disorder and Militant of the River”.

So far, he has made 217 drawings that are for sale (in digital form) for three euros on the Buy Me a Coffee platform – 30% of the amount goes to the Animal Association. If she reaches more people, the artist is sure that the Cataestrófica will not inspire merchandising, but she does not hide the fact that one day she would like to see her illustrations in a book.

Text edited by Amanda Ribeiro

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