The Assembly rejects the request to withdraw the coverage of Mercado 2 de Maio in Viseu Architecture

The Viseu municipal assembly this Friday rejected a motion signed by PS, CDS, BE and CDU calling for the Chamber’s decision to carry out coverage of Mercado 2 de Maio in the city center to be repealed.

“The motion was rejected with one abstention, 13 votes in favor, 32 against and 32 against,” announced the President of the Viseu Municipal Assembly, José Mota Faria, after almost two hours of discussion of the document submitted and signed by Socialist MP Cristophe Pedrinho to all parties except the PSD.

The motion defended that “the commune’s coverage of the 2 de Maio market in the heart of the city of Viseu will be in deep dissonance with the place, the environment, its history and its identity itself as a grave and inadmissible assault on the heritage and urban planning ”. Among the arguments, he mentions “the iron and glass megastructure with a large volume and high height that will stand out from the rest of the buildings and cover an outdoor space in a densely built-up area. [e que] will have a strong visual impact that misrepresents the city center. “

“The proclaimed ecological and economic advantages resulting from the installation of photovoltaic modules on the roof mentioned do not only not occur, but also represent an unacceptable environmental crime,” the document also states. In addition, the signatories claim that the intervention constitutes a “total disregard for the authoring work” carried out in the 1990s by architects Álvaro Siza Vieira and Pedro Madureira.

Subscribers to the application say that “the high investment” of the intervention, which is estimated at 4.3 million euros, is incomprehensible, and recall that their position was supported by the “National Citizens Movement Against Property Attacks in Praça 2 de Maio in Viseu “Is shared. , expressed in the Open Letter and Petition published on February 16.

Following the intervention of the MPs of all political parties and the President of the Parish Council of Viseu, Mayor Almeida Henriques spoke to “clarify several points of the whole process” and “reveal the proposed amendment of the architect Álvaro Siza” 11 years ago, when the process of Room re-qualification began.

“I will present the fantastic renovation project by the architect Siza Vieira. It’s that sheet and it’s as simple as this: changing the gravel platform with slabs of granite that was made but gives the space limited mobility which is unfortunate and a rug needs to be placed to provide some comfort. “

Siza Vieira “planned to remove 12 magnolias from the square” and with this requalification “only two will be removed” which “will be replanted in Parque Aquilino Ribeiro”, the mayor also assured. The project “also envisaged 24 reinforced concrete benches designed with a metal structure with a metal cover and two bodies of water,” said Almeida Henriques, adding that such an intervention “would be costly [há 11 anos] 450 thousand euros plus VAT. To the community ”.


Almeida Henriques recalled the “several moments of public discussion that the process had over time” and “there was no vote on the competition” and stressed that “it was the Order of Architects that led the ideas competition process” in the year 2014 when Álvaro Siza signed a permit to use the drawings.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the architect Siza Vieira signed an explicit statement on October 31, 2014, stating that he allows the Sociedade de Reabilização Urbana to use drawings in public for reasonable purposes The design competition, commonly known as The idea competition is known to stop reviving the public square 2 de Maio in Viseu, ”he emphasized.

According to the mayor, the difference to the current requalification project is “photovoltaic modules for generating renewable energy”.

“Double glazing was envisaged, and now photovoltaic glazing is envisaged,” which will allow “the transparency and brightness” of the square and “the generation of renewable energy for space and other buildings,” he added.

Almeida Henriques completed his intervention in the first session of the municipal assembly through Zoom, guaranteeing that “the works will be delivered and will go to the end” at a cost of 4.3 million euros co-financed by European funds.

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