Weekend: The Camellias de Lousada Festival will bloom online | Lousada

The 11th edition of the International Festival of Camélias de Lousada will take place on Saturday and Sunday entirely in digital form. Several initiatives are disseminated through the social network Facebook.

The previous editions of this festival, organized by the Câmara de Lousada in the Porto district, counted on the presence of dozens of exhibitors and collectors of camellias from different parts of the country and Galicia, appreciated by thousands of visitors.

The flower arrangements and the rarest specimens of camellias are presented to a specialist jury for recognition, which awards several prizes at the end. Guided visits to the county’s camellia gardens, some centuries old, and model passes inspired by these flowers are widely appreciated by visitors. This is a model for activities that cannot be achieved this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

On both days, according to a schedule published by the community, content about camellias will be shown starting Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and a video will be displayed commemorating last year’s edition of the event.

This morning it will also be possible to see the testimony of the collector António Nunes, who will explain how he went from “From an appraiser to a collector of Camélias”.

The official opening of this edition of the International Camellia Festival is scheduled for 3 p.m., with the message of Mayor Pedro Machado and President of the Portuguese Camellia Association Eduarda Paz.

Photos will be presented for the categories “Best Camellia”, “Best Camellia of Portuguese Origin” and “Best Flower Presentation”, the winners of which will be announced by Councilor Nélson Oliveira at 6 pm.

A virtual tour of the camellia gardens will start on Sunday at 11 am, and from 3 pm the specialist in this field, António Assunção, will explain “How to treat camellias”.

At the end of the 11th. The International Camellia Festival in Lousada is the winning photo of the “Camélias here from home” competition.

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