Nature enters through this house in Celorico de Basto The architecture

Hugo Pereira and his wife have “dated” this land in Celorico de Basto for some time. The cork oaks, oaks and the environment with nature made the property an essential opportunity, and the architect, together with Diogo Jordão, could not resist creating a dialogue between nature and architecture in the same place.

In this way, Casa dos Sobreiros was born, a gray and glazed volume that left the country and found itself in an area of ​​natural protection due to the existence of cork oaks that were “almost pristine” and eventually became Hugo’s house. According to P3, the goal was “to feel nature both inside and outside”, and for this reason he decided “to open it practically completely to the landscape” in order to “always have visual contact with nature”.

Facing southeast and photographed here by Ivo Tavares, natural light was another property that Hugo wanted to explore. “We worked carefully with sunlight, so the inside of the house is completely glazed. We wanted a building that would give us almost constant lighting in the house and that would use as much sun as possible all year round, ”he says.

The homogeneity of the space without losing its modern features was another goal of the architect. Mostly made of concrete, as it is the material that is most similar to the handles of cork oaks, the slope on the facades indicates a continuity of the terrain and “hides the house in space and in nature”.

However, the biggest challenge for Hugo Pereira was not to make nature an integral part of the house, but to build a home for himself. “A person wants to put everything they like on paper and it is sometimes difficult to do without. We have to be careful, otherwise the end result will be a little strange. For example, we love double and triple blankets and have had to give them up. “

Text edited by Amanda Ribeiro

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