Freedom of expression goes through barbed opinion

Tokyo, February 2021, Flash interview of the Chairman of the Japanese Olympic Committee Yoshiro Mori, who left the meeting with the International Olympic Committee. Up for discussion is increasing the proportion of women on the Japanese National Committee by up to 40%. When asked about this item on the agenda, Mori replied: “If the number of women executives increases and their speaking time is not limited to some extent, we will have difficulty finishing them, which is annoying. You have to regulate the talk time to a certain extent, otherwise we can never finish. “Nobody wanted to know whether Mori’s opinion prevented the increase in the quota of women in the Japanese committee, and it was not at all important! Politically correct things were trampled underfoot, controversies served, it just awaited punishment.

Curiosity: The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has a total of 15 members, only five women. A woman has never been president. So exemplary in parity, it is no wonder that the IOC asked the Japanese Olympic Committee to increase women’s quotas.

It turns out that 83-year-old Yoshiro Mori came of age at a time when freedom of expression was restricted only by the rights of others and the integrity of the state. When he said what he thought he was not a hypocrite, he introduced that sincerity, the worth of character, was what was expected of him. Unfortunately I was wrong. The arrows of criticism and censorship were not long in coming! He was still trying to explain, he didn’t want to downsize women while reciting mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. All in vain as the general outcry did not stop until the appropriate punishment was carried out in these cases: resigning at your own request, head bowed in shame, let through the back door, hands behind your back.

The advanced age, experience, and past of the commitment to the public cause in high functions of the state to which he was occasionally called upon were useless. The many prestigious awards received by various states, including the French Legion of Honor, were useless for his remarkable contribution to building peaceful relations between peoples! Daring thoughts and words that contradict the current canon of the politically correct deserves exemplary punishment. And they just didn’t ask for hara-kiri because they didn’t want blood in the committee room.

It is worrying that mr. Mori, in the context in which he has done it, cannot express what he thinks of the feminine honesty and competitive potential of women, and how these virtues can be reflected in the extension of policy meetings. Obviously, the proper functioning of a college depends more on the personal qualities of its members than on meeting gender quotas.

Mr. Mori expressed an opinion that was certainly based on his experience. Is what you said offensive? Doesn’t appear. Being talkative and competitive are not shortcomings, but rather positive or negative traits, depending on the circumstances and in any case not exclusively for women. When they belong to women, they configure the charm, color and joy that the feminine spreads around them, reducing the grayness of strict formality.

In democracies it was a matter of course for us that freedom of expression, which integrates the core of fundamental rights, is inviolable. We didn’t expect such an important asset to be attacked as it is being carried out on multiple fronts. A new index (catalog of books banned by the Vatican from Catholics and abolished in 1966) is now in full swing, now as a list of words, subjects and thoughts that are not allowed. It is an unwritten index and it doesn’t have to be, for the instant communication of modern times connects, organizes and intervenes in seconds anywhere in the world where they deem it necessary, the most relentless zealots. His weapon is blunt censorship, modeled in world communication space, which hisses like a whip until the target is completely banished.

In the meantime, the political extremes are intensifying and the moderate centers are being shortened across Europe. Rationality and moderation are “out”. A strong drive to confrontation runs through society and an intoxicating pleasure in violence and shock

We have seen that anyone who publicly contradicts the canon, thought and official word of the “politically correct” about feminism, ethnic and social minorities, animal rights and the causes of fracture in general is an obstacle to the exercise of public positions. who would like to practice it and think differently, either not open his mouth or be chased away without first doing a public act of repentance.

In the meantime, the political extremes are intensifying and the moderate centers are being shortened across Europe. Rationality and moderation are off. A strong drive to confrontation runs through society and an intoxicating pleasure in violence and shock. The populist leaders on the right and left are excited, watch each other in their respective trenches and decide when to attack.

Currently, the rise to political fame in populism is being recruited among influencers, a new profession practiced on social networks. Last week in Spain, a young Instagrammer, wearing a blue Legionnaire’s shirt, spoke the lips “Rouge Infer”, an eyeliner made of stripes, strong and with conviction, her arm outstretched in a cemetery, in homage to the Franconian “Blue Division” next to it Nazi troops fought. She has had a passion for fascism since she was 13 because, as she always heard, she detested this ideology, decided to study it and found that it was the best way to solve all the problems of society. He despises established political law and will soon have thousands of followers because he seems to have mastered the “Kardashian” manual on marketing and advertising.

On another level, but still in the realm of freedom, criminal acts sanctioned by penalties are transformed into conduct of martyrdom for freedom of political expression, in the same step that absolute freedom of artistic expression is maintained as a cover for insults . Expressing hatred of everything and everyone, advocating violence and bombing.

Parallel to this and in the competition for maximum attention in the media room, the militants of historical extinction and the eternal Mea Culpa stand for the past. They continue to urge the current generations to destroy all symbols / images of the memorials of the old days, along with the suggestion to practice perennial collective flagellation that does not give us peace as if the past evils are removed could and mitigated by the suffering present generations who have not practiced and already condemned it.

Freedom of speech goes through barbed wire and starts to bleed.

The author writes according to the new orthographic convention

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