Covid19. The number of vaccines administered will exceed that of the infected Portuguese, says Eduardo Cabrita | Covid-19

The interior minister spoke this Thursday about a path to a “source of hope” after the “rough days of January”, noting that the vaccines administered will exceed the number of Portuguese infected with Covid-19 by the end of this week.

These positions were communicated by Eduardo Cabrita shortly before the Assembly of the Republic, which passed with a large majority the presidential decree extending the state of emergency in Portugal for another 15 days until March 16.

In his speech, the Minister of Internal Administration defended that the current results on the development of the Covid-19 epidemic in Portugal demonstrate “the adequacy of the measures taken by the government for general detention” and that the resumption of activities must be done with solidity.

“From the heavy January days to the impending spring hope,” he said, summing up the country’s development over the past few weeks while emphasizing the idea that vaccination “is finding its way” in Portugal.

“Right now we are reaching half a million Portuguese who have already received at least one dose of vaccines – with clear and solid priorities. It is significant that around 20% of vaccinations have already been given to citizens over 80 years of age. And two weeks ago we exceeded the indicator of two thousand 15,000 vaccinated firefighters and reached around 16,000, ”he explained.

In the last part of his speech, Eduardo Cabrita pointed out, after calling for a general mobilization of the Portuguese in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, that the country “will receive more vaccines this week than infected Portuguese”.

“We will reach that mark by the end of this week. With determination, with a feeling of resilience, with a feeling of mobilization for everyone, we have to enlarge the reaction space of the health structures. And we need to increase the space that allows people to return to school and recover from economic activity, ”he added.

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