“A miracle called” Skipper, “the dog that was born with six legs pet

Skipper has a lot in common with the newborn siblings: eat, sleep a lot, eat, fall asleep again. However, it is impossible to go unnoticed in the litter of nine pups that were born during a blizzard on February 16 in Oklahoma, United States of America. Skipper was born with six legs. They all move and respond to stimuli. “A miracle, literally,” read a publication at the veterinary clinic where owners rushed to take it.

“It survived longer than we suspect that another dog survived with its combination of congenital diseases (it’s only 4 days old, but published research doesn’t show anyone was previously born alive),” write members of the veterinary clinic.

An ultrasound and several x-rays showed that Skipper was born with only one head and one chest cavity, but “including two pelvic regions, two lower urinary tracts, two reproductive areas, two tails and six legs”. Veterinarians believe that the dog would have a twin in the womb and that the fertilized egg did not completely separate. “So only the lower part of her body could duplicate,” continues the publication, which describes a “very strong” dog.

A week before life, Skipper is apparently fine, even though her mother has rejected her and is therefore bottle-fed. Veterinarians and guardians “see no reason not to offer you the best opportunities for an optimal life,” the hospital writes. “We will continue to study her conditions, monitor her development during the exams, and help ensure that she remains pain-free and comfortable for the rest of her life.” We are a family business.

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