Lisbon has to intervene in animal gatherings, defends the municipal assembly

The Lisbon municipal assembly this Tuesday approved the PAN proposal, which recommended the adoption of protocols and the creation of teams to prevent and intervene in the event of animal gatherings and disturbances in the community. The project was adopted by a majority vote against the PCP MPs and one independent MP with an abstention.

The People of Nature Party’s recommendation proposed the creation of a manual of procedures and a multidisciplinary team comprised of psychologists, veterinarians, health officials and zoophile associations to prevent, intervene and monitor identified cases of animal gathering. It was also proposed to define protocols with the Casa de Animais de Lisboa and with local zoophile associations to ensure the collection, sterilization and referral for adoption of these animals.

The party claims that there are countless cases of people with this disorder, also known as Noah’s syndrome, that is common across the county. “Like the 29 dogs that were living in an apartment in Campolide in degrading conditions, or about 100 cats found in an apartment on Avenida Almirante Reis,” PAN MP Inês de Sousa Real said in a statement .

According to the party, “accumulation disorder is recognized as a mental disorder listed in the American Psychiatric Association’s Manual of Diagnosis and Statistics of Mental Illness, with animal accumulation being a specific manifestation.”

“Studies indicate a recurrence rate of these situations between 60% and 100%,” emphasized the PAN. Therefore, the party also recommended that appropriate psychosocial monitoring of the accumulators be carried out in cooperation with the health authorities.

The accumulation does not allow the satisfaction of the basic needs of all animals and the lack of sterilization leads to uncontrolled reproduction and the resulting overcrowding of the space in which they live. They are neglected and starved, often live in precarious hygienic conditions and pose a threat to the health of animals, their owners and the community in general.

Congresswoman Inês de Sousa Real said that by approving this proposal, it would be possible to “make a difference in the cases of animal gathering in Lisbon” and to conclude that “local and nearby action are essential to prevent the escalation of Prevent situations and ensure that the responsible authorities intervene in a concerted and timely manner. Only then can the great suffering that the accumulation of animals inflict on the people and animals concerned can be avoided. “

Text edited by Ana Fernandes

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