FC Porto thanks Quintana for his support, which continues with a cautious forecast handball

This Wednesday FC Porto thanked “all the people and organizations” who showed solidarity with handball player Alfredo Quintana, the day after Benfica and Sporting came out on the field with the name of the Portuguese national goalkeeper on their shirts.

“Alfredo Quintana remains with a cautious prognosis in the Hospital de São João, where he was transported on Monday after a cardiorespiratory arrest during training. Our sincere thanks go to all people and organizations who showed solidarity with the situation of the handball goalkeeper at FC Porto, ”says FC Porto’s daily newsletter.

In an early game of the 22nd round of the national handball championship, the Incarnados, who won Póvoa Andebol 17:27, entered the field with the name Quintana on the back of the jerseys of all the team’s players.

The “Lions”, who prevailed in a European league game 27-26 against the Swedes from Kristianstad, also entered the field with white jerseys with the name Quintana and number one.

This Wednesday it was up to the FC Porto team to unite around the player and display a goalkeeper jersey with the number and name Quintana printed during practice.

Alfredo Quintana, 32, suffered cardiopulmonary arrest while exercising on Monday and, after receiving local INEM support, was taken to the São João hospital, where he is admitted to the intensive care unit.

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