Detox in a Box: Smoothies are now delivered to your home meal

The original goal was to make food “healthier, easier and more accessible” in companies. In 2019, Detox in a Box was born, gradually filing a delivery service for 100% natural smoothie preparations ready to liquidate energetic and healthy snacks available during working hours. “We have grown a lot. In the first year we sold nearly ten thousand smoothies. It’s a lot of fruit, ”says Fugas Inês Góis, who was forced to adapt the project that arose when companies suddenly closed their doors.

At least for the moment, while teleworking is the regime and the office desks are not boiling again, Detox in a Box suggests the delivery of cut and balanced glasses of fruits and vegetables ready to be turned into smoothies after taking the opportunity Have start monthly subscriptions that give customers regular smoothies. “This model aims to make it easier to buy and consume healthy smoothies and to encourage healthy habits to be adopted without excuses.”

Inês Góis Detox in a box

With the closure of the offices where the brand was putting a blender, “home delivery made sense”. “Both by companies and individually,” explains Inês (trained as an industrial engineer), who has always looked for healthy food, not always at hand. “I had a lot of breakfasts at gas stations and found a lot of machines with no alternatives,” he says.

The brand’s goal is for smoothies to “replace and / or complement” snacks and breakfast – and, as the brand points out, not aimed at a weight loss plan.

All recipes are developed by the Detox in a Box nutritionist and updated monthly to give priority to seasonal fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are offered in three functional categories: Energy Boost to “increase energy during the day” (main ingredients: papaya, spinach, pineapple, coconut and mango), Brain Food to “improve mental wellbeing and the ability to concentrate”. (Mango, nuts, apricot, pear, carrot and apple) and anti-aging to “keep the body young with a high load of antioxidants (strawberries, grapes, celery and cucumber).

Detox in a box

The subscription models offer the possibility of combining the three categories and do not have a mandatory loyalty period. Smoothies are delivered daily in the Porto (Porto, Matosinhos, Leça da Palmeira, Vila Nova de Gaia) and Lisbon (Lisbon, Oeiras, Sintra, Cascais) areas. And for the time being, plastic cups are used. “We are moving towards a reusable solution,” guarantees Inês Góis.

Detox in a box

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