The country we want and the country we have opinion

The moment when resorting to statistics, numbers, remembering what has been promised and not fulfilled, what has been said and what little is done, the distance between what is wanted and what actually applied to the gap between one side and the other. I think you have already realized that it is International Women’s Day that I am talking about, March 8th, which each year serves for some to make peace with conscience and others to use the usual hypocrisy. I assume that I believe that all issues related to inequality, discrimination, misogyny, gender-based violence, domestic violence and the realm of patriarchy, among others, must be addressed every day until none of them exist.

It provides an opportunity to understand the differences between the land we want and the land we have because there are many, deep, rooted and some with an incredible tendency to increase. They are not difficult to identify, they are very easy for anyone to see, although there are those who prefer to indifferently shrug their shoulders and move forward while others pretend not to see. In the country we want, equal work is equal pay, opportunities for access to top positions are not determined by gender, which is synonymous with privileges, women do not have to stay at home, are not caregivers per se, and far fewer are beaten. humiliated, exploited, and finally murdered by dozens a year, so often by those who are closest to them.

In the country we want, Parliament does not have an overwhelming majority of faces of the same color and sex. Society is not a reflection of such an unbalanced distribution of wealth, and the poor do not get poorer. Layoffs are neither flexible nor pay for pension reforms as the value of work is a major asset. And when we talk about it, culture in general and books in particular in the country we want, as well as teachers and health professionals, are examples for everyone.

In the country we want, those who are dissatisfied with the parties that should serve them (and not serve themselves) act to transform themselves, to form civic movements and to submit to the exercise of democracy by themselves present to the voices. They don’t throw themselves into the arms of the first adventurer who seems to like everything and the opposite, regardless of whether they are grateful for racism, xenophobia, or insult. But there is also no contradiction which, as it is so well expressed in German, pretends not to understand the danger posed by the hand outstretched in front of you and which does not serve to constrict your hand.

In this country we want the Constitutional Court to give legal wings to an ululant whose vocabulary is summed up in a word called nausea and pave the way for so many who are ruled by the 1933 Constitution and run until Dec. The April Longing For Time, 1974, is not directed by someone responsible for homophobic writing. Perhaps the position of the president of an imaginary unconstitutional court would be better for him, as it would also only ask him to make imaginary decisions and not, for example, intervene in matters as central as inspecting the constitutionality of a diploma like assisted death.

In the country we want, the European Commission would not have to initiate proceedings and issue an ultimatum because of a directive on money laundering that has yet to be adopted, so that this provision becomes a legislative personality. Because in this country that we want, talking about circumstances that bellow against corruption and opacity would be equivalent to effective measures that are not written dead on paper.

The country that we have almost 50 years after the revolution, however much it has developed, remains, as often as we, the decision-makers, lost in our own labyrinth of contradictions that I ask myself almost every day: We will Do we want the land or do we want the land we have? Having had a tiny country for 48 years, it cost many lives and it was a nightmare.

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