Príncipe Filipe is “much better” but stays in the hospital | British royal family

Filipe is “much better,” his son Eduardo revealed this Tuesday after Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Isabel II’s 99-year-old husband, 94, would stay in the hospital for a few days to receive treatment for an infection . The Duke of Edinburgh entered King Edward VII Hospital in London a week ago after feeling sick.

“He is fine and responding to treatment but shouldn’t be leaving the hospital for the next few days,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement, adding that Filipe is receiving medical attention for an unspecified infection.

The Queen, who continues to live at Windsor Castle, and her husband have already received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and the Duke’s disease is not related to Covid-19. “As far as I know, the Duke is much better and is looking forward to leaving, which is very positive,” Eduardo, the youngest of four children, told Sky News.

With a laugh, Eduardo added that his father was “a little” frustrated with staying in the hospital. “We got nice messages from all kinds of people and we really liked it, and so did he. I sent it. “William, second on the throne, son of Prince Charles, said on Monday that his grandfather was” OK “. And he added that medical staff were “watching” him.

For the past decade, Filipe has had to be treated repeatedly in the hospital to have an operation on a blocked heart artery for chest pain for a recurrent bladder infection. Her illness over the past week is a difficult time for the Queen and the monarchy after it was revealed last week that Williams’ younger brother, Prince Harry, and wife Meghan had decided to end all real ties.

Harry, 36) and Meghan, 39, left office last March, and the split was formalized last Friday, with the couple leaving royal sponsorships behind. On March 7, the Queen’s grandson and wife will interview the most popular presenter in the United States, Oprah Winfrey. The hospitalization of Philip, who was confidant of the Queen and patriarch of the family during his 69-year reign, thus robs the monarch of his counsel at a time when the Commonealth and the Queen are celebrated on the same day. as well as other serious royalty confront their grandson on television.