Children from Vinhais receive 300 euros per year vineyards until they enter the first cycle

The Câmara de Vinhais will give every child in this parish in the Bragança district 300 euros every year until they reach the age for entry into basic education, the parish announced on Tuesday.

This is another family support measure that included allocating a thousand euros for each birth from January 2021, Mayor Luís Fernandes Lusa said.

The measures are intended to support childbirth, schooling and local trade, as the family has to provide evidence at 300 euros per child per year that they were spent in institutions in the municipality of Trás-os-Montes.

The municipality estimates that currently more than 130 children are entitled to 300 euros per year by the time they enter the first school cycle.

According to the municipality, these figures correspond to a support of more than 70,000 euros in the current year, which has to be spent on local trade, be it on health, school supplies, clothing or other goods and the evidence provided in the town hall.

Children receive 300 euros per year and families are obliged to stay in the community when they reach school age, under the penalty of having to return half of the amount received.

According to the mayor, exceptions are cases in which families have to change their place of residence for health or professional reasons, as is the case with teachers who can be accommodated in other areas.

The ordinance has yet to be voted on in the community assembly and provides that it will cover not only children from the relevant date, but also those who were born previously.

Families who have had children since January of this year are entitled to a grant of one thousand euros for each birth in a municipality where “between 20 and 30” babies are born annually, as stated by the mayor.