The tender for the renovation of an “endangered” block was submitted to Pasteleira | launched Porto City Hall

On February 11, the dissatisfaction of the residents of Bairro Social da Pasteleira was reported in view of the apparent exclusion from Block 16, which is in an advanced state of deterioration and poses a high safety risk for the more than 30 families living there for the project Neighborhood redevelopment. Porto Mayor Rui Moreira said in a board meeting this Monday that “the idea that Block 16 has been left behind makes no sense because the work is currently being outsourced”.

The independent mayor stressed that “all blocks in the neighborhood of Pasteleira” will be redeveloped and that “16 in particular will have a significant improvement” through the installation of an “elevator to make this possible [que haja] a means of smooth access to the tallest building in Pasteleira for more than 100 factions. “The need to devise a” different rehabilitation plan “for operating this elevator is why” the project [para este edifício] it was presented later ”.

Rui Moreira also mentioned that the failure to integrate block 16 in this phase is due to the phases that such an intervention implies. “When we put a job of this type on the market, we are legally required to do it in batches, and that’s exactly what we did,” argued the independent. Fernando Paulo, city councilor responsible for housing, confirmed that this Monday in Diário da República “the start of the tender for lot 4”, consisting of three blocks, “including block 16”, was published. Work is scheduled to start in May and the goal is to have “the 27 blocks in the neighborhood completed by December 2022”.

The manager announced that “Lot 2 and 3 will also end in October [de 2022]”, A difference of two months compared to the completion of the work in lot 4.” Nobody was left behind, there is a phasing ”, he repeated. Last week the Chamber and Domus Social met with the residents’ association of the Bairro Social da Pasteleira (AMBSP) to present the project and clarify other questions, such as replacing individual entrances the common corridors of the ground floor fractions. This plan has been criticized many times by the residents because it assumes that they do not have the tents that not only act as independent access to the houses, but are also used as additional space in the house to access the Making space more profitable.

In view of this, the community showed a willingness to make changes to the project “if it was the understanding of the residents that it was more convenient to have individual doors to the outside in spite of everything” but that “it was necessary for this to be agreed by AMBSP “, Explained Rui Moreira. Last Friday, the residents’ association CMP announced by email that “in the opinion of most residents, it is only fair that the ground floor does not have its own door and therefore only a single entrance door is accessible Fire. “