The Catalan police arrested more than a hundred people in six days of demonstrations against the arrest of rapper Hasél Spain

For the sixth time in a row, the demonstrations in Spain, motivated by the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél, became a pretext for vandalism and confrontation with the police. In the Catalan capital of Barcelona, ​​the concentration this Sunday ended again with the throwing of objects and vandalism in front of the headquarters of the National Police in Via Laietana. There are still no official data on the number of detainees and losses.

The required demonstrations began peacefully, but in the course of the hour “only the criminals remain,” reports El País. Tonight there was a sign among the protesters that read: “They taught us that it is useless to be peaceful”. Police in the autonomous community told local media that many of the protesters were among the protesters.

After a week of demonstrations, the Mossos d’Esquadra Register shows the detention of 102 people, 32 of whom are under 18 years of age. 40 arrests were recorded last night alone. 82 police officers were injured during the week, almost all of them slightly.

The municipality of Barcelona estimates the losses caused by vandalism on urban furniture with several burned garbage containers and other infrastructure on Saturday at 129,000 euros. The dealers affected by looting and broken glass estimate the damage since the mobilization began at 750,000 euros.

The response to these demonstrations has also had political repercussions, with increasing tension within the Spanish government. Pablo Iglesias’s Unidas Somos has refused to condemn the violent demonstrations, preferring to “bet to solve the basic problem” and opted for the amendment to the law that led to the arrest of Pablo Hasél.

The Generalitat de Catalunya (autonomous government) began to classify the riots in Barcelona as “pure vandalism” after initially criticizing the actions of the Mossos d’Esquadra, and on the right the People’s Party took the opportunity to launch a collection of signatures for police actions defend.

Rapper Pablo Hasél was arrested at the University of Lleida in Catalonia on Tuesday after being sentenced to nine months in prison for insulting Spanish law enforcement, glorifying terrorism and insulting the Spanish monarchy, according to prosecutors.