Marta Temido says the government is still considering suspicious data. Schools must first open coronavirus

Health Minister Marta Temido said at the end of the Infarmed meeting this Monday that the government had not yet set a date for the start of deflation and also warned of the dangers of détente. Still, the minister said schools should be the first sector to open in the country.

When asked about a possible date for the lack of definition, Marta Temido said that the government was thinking about “the moments when it is necessary to think about these measures” and where to apply them. “All hypotheses in this context are hypotheses of scenarios that are possible,” he said. “After the government has said several times that the last closure it would have liked to have closed was that of school activities, it is consistent to believe that in an opposite process, also because of school activities, the process will begin,” said the minister to of Health. “This is not the case. Time to talk about times or manners, we will get there,” he insisted.

Even so, Marta Temido drew attention to the number of hospital patients in Portugal and the necessary care and attention that must be given to other pathologies. “This is the time to focus on containing the transmission of the disease, improving the response to areas other than the Covid-19 area, betting on the speed of the vaccination process, and protecting the most vulnerable and vulnerable.”

During the specialist meeting that took place in Infarmed that Monday, Baltazar Nunes from the National Health Institute had Dr. Ricardo Jorge explains that with regard to the employment of patients with Covid-19 in intensive care units, it is “in” a phase of reducing the number of beds, but still with very high values ​​”. According to the expert, we shouldn’t have fewer than 200 beds in intensive care units until the end of March.

Mobility has increased over the past week. Marta Temido warns against early “relaxation”

At the start of the intervention, Marta Temido noticed the increase in mobility in recent days and warned of the risk that the easing of the Portuguese could have in the development of the pandemic situation in the country.

“Over the past week the mobility index has risen slightly, and this is an aspect that should attract attention as we know that the values ​​we achieve are values ​​that result from an effort, and when that effort is reversed, we will do it again Reach incidence and transition risks that are incompatible with what we had to guarantee, ”said Marta Temido. “None of this is acquired, and it all depends on each of us and the combined measures, with a note of some relaxation with no legislative change.”