The socialist Arauz and the conservative Lasso are contesting the second round of the presidential elections in Ecuador, South America

The socialist Andrés Arauz, Dauphin of the former President Rafael Correa, will run against the conservative Guillermo Lasso in the second round of the presidential elections on April 11, the National Electoral Council (CNE) announced.

The economist Andrés Arauz (36) took first place in the first round with 32.72% of the vote, compared to 19.74% of the former right banker Guillermo Lasso (65) and 19.39% of the left indigenous leader Yaku Perez (51 ) on the official results of the February 7th vote proclaimed by the CNE Secretary Santiago Vallejo.

After the results have been announced, applicants can still appeal.

The results of the first round were approved by four of the five CNE members in a meeting that began Saturday morning and ended in the evening. The second round winner will succeed President Lenin Moreno, a former ally of Correa (2007-2017) who did not run again and whose term ends on May 24th.

The ecological lawyer Yaku Perez condemned the existence of fraud in favor of his right-wing opponent Guillermo Lasso, who overtook him towards the end of the vote count and came second in the second round.

Perez asked in vain for a recount of the votes.