The decision to fail Nuno Freitas is “wrong and disrespectful” to local authorities

The Coimbra PSD believed on Sunday that the national party’s decision to miss the name of doctor Nuno Freitas as a candidate for the local council was “deeply wrong and disrespectful of the statutes”.

In a statement, responding to the proposed candidate’s non-approval of the proposed candidate to attempt to remove the camera from the PS in the next elections, the Coimbra Political Council responded in a statement, stressing that local social democratic activists unanimously approved a year earlier today strategic document.

In a post on his Facebook account on Friday, Nuno Freitas wrote: “I was informed by the National Board that the PSD has decided not to support the decision of the PSD of Coimbra, the city and district authorities, and not use my name as a to ratify a possible candidate for the next local elections who will support Professor José Manuel Silva “.

The Coimbra PSD reported today that the national parish coordinator José Silvano “announced that the name that organs have chosen local organs of the Coimbra PSD to lead the party’s candidacy for the next local elections in the parish, the militant, Doctor and businessman Nuno Freitas is not approved by the PSD’s national political commission. “

About this decision, who understands “to be deeply wrong and disrespectful of the statutes, decisions and will of the local organs of the bodies and especially of all those who have helped in the civil society of Coimbra to build a credible alternative to the PS” , The advice “comes to apologize publicly”.

“We thank Dr. Nuno Freitas for his commitment and enthusiasm for leading an alternative political project that many believe is essential for the future of the community and region in which we operate,” reads the Explanation too.

They insist that this is a “unilateral and arrogant decision” and guarantee that the Coimbra PSD will “remain united and do everything possible to create the necessary conditions and be the only and true alternative to the Socialist Party”.

Deputy António Maló de Abreu was appointed “among those” who “in the last few months have tried several times and even publicly to create disagreement and intrigue within the bases of the local PSD in order to make a clear attempt at political opportunism and to do so try to go beyond the legal powers of the PSD ”, a situation they described as“ completely negative ”.

In this scenario, they expressed their willingness to “schedule a council meeting to hear, discuss and support this new municipal PSD strategy” and ensured that they would prove to be “believers in confidence” “without internal guerrillas” and “Put Coimbra First”. .

Lusa tried to get a reaction from the Coimbra County MP who refused to do so.

The next local elections will take place between September and next October.

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