Karetus, The Black Mamba, Fábia Mábia, Valéria and Sara Afonso are in the final of the Song Festival | TV

The 55th edition of the Song Festival began. The first semi-final was presented this Saturday evening by Sónia Araújo and Jorge Gabriel from the RTP studios. As you might expect, it is a different festival, which is reflected in the fact that there is no audience in the studio. The first five songs were selected from ten songs in the competition and will compete against each other in the finals of this atypical edition of the festival on March 6th.

They are: In deepest longing, a composition by Helder Moutinho, performed by Valéria, Saudade, by Karetus with Romeu Bairos, Love is on my side, by The Black Mamba, Dia Lindo, by and by Fábia Maia and Contramão, by Filipe Melo , with texts by Teresa Sequeira, sung by Sara Afonso. Yes, two are homesick in the name.

The scores for each of them were not disclosed. The topics were examined by a jury made up of musicians and some former participants of the festival, including musicians and singers Rita Guerra, Paulo de Carvalho, NBC and Marta Carvalho, photographer Rita Carmo, and radio station and television presenter Vanessa Augusto. The competition was also Claro de Agua, from stereosaurs, from the voice of the Memas. I arrived here with music by Anne Victorino d’Almeida and texts by Tiago Torres da Silva, Girassol, by and by Miguel Mâroco, Livros, by and by Irma and Mundo from IAN.

That first night was a parade of songs, mostly ballads, of varying intensity and the kind of dramatic load you’d expect from a Eurovision competitor, with the majority of them using the Portuguese guitar, even in cases that would be expected to be associated with higher Dance. Many of the participants also had somewhat stripped-down stages. The next semi-final will take place next Saturday. A dozen other themes are listed by Da Chick, Tainá, Ariana, EU.CLIDES, Joana Alegre, Pedro Gonçalves, Ana Tereza, Carolina Deslandes, Graciela and NEEV. The winning song will go to Rotterdam from May 18th to 22nd to represent Portugal.

The songs were performed at five in a row, separated by interviews with Inês Lopes Gonçalves, who were always informed and interested in what the composers and performers had to say in the green room, without interruptions. In front of each topic was a postcard, in this case a presentation with videos from friends of the composers talking about the songwriters.

There was room in the edition for a segment to honor last year’s Eurovision edition, which did not happen due to the pandemic. Elisa also performed, who played Marta Carvalho’s Fear of Feeling last year, won the festival and didn’t even go to Europe to represent Portugal. He came to sing A Ilha, his new single. 1986 winner Dora came to sing the classic. Don’t be mean to me and won the 1986 song.