Covid-19: The UK plans to have vaccinations for all adults by the end of July

This Saturday, Boris Johnson promised to offer the vaccine to all adults interested in taking it by the end of July. The aim is not only to protect the elderly, but also to speed up vaccination and the associated reopening of the economy.

The UK Prime Minister is due to come up with the plan for national deflation in England on Monday, shortly after meeting the target of vaccinating 15 million Britons from risk groups by mid-February.

By April 15, everyone over 50 or in the risk group who wants to be vaccinated will receive the vaccine. Until July 31st, this applies to all adults in order of priority. The government’s previously announced goal was to vaccinate the vulnerable population up to 50 years old by May and all adults by September.

But according to his statements, Boris Johnson wants to take a step forward this Saturday. “Achieving 15 million vaccines was an important milestone,” he said, quoted by Sky News. “Now we want to offer the vaccine to all adults by the end of July in order to protect the most vulnerable earlier and to take further steps to ease the current restrictions.”

Although the Johnson administration is the fifth country with the most deaths from Covid-19 and has seen a number of setbacks in responding to the pandemic, it has made a breakthrough in vaccination as it has managed to kill a large number of Secure vaccines.

Deflation will not be quick, however: “But there should be no doubt – the path to deflation will be cautious and gradual as we continue to protect ourselves and everyone around us,” he concluded.

So far, the UK has given the first dose of the vaccine to 17.2 million people, more than a quarter of its 67 million population – second in vaccines per capita after Israel and the United Arab Emirates.