Covid-19: Fauci Says Americans Might Need Masks In 2022 | Covid-19

Americans are likely to continue wearing masks through 2022. Infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci defended in an interview with CNN this Sunday. The country is now starting to relax some restrictions imposed by the Covid-19, but the use of the mask won’t be one of the first.

Though daily infection rates drop dramatically, thousands of Americans continue to die from the virus every day, and less than 15% of the US population have been vaccinated.

President Joe Biden is trying to speed up the vaccination campaign and local governments are increasingly demanding doses of the vaccine that prevents the disease that has killed nearly half a million people in the US.

Fauci, Biden’s top pandemic control advisor, told CNN that the country was nearing a “terrible milestone in the history of this country,” with nearly 500,000 deaths.

When asked whether Americans should prepare to continue wearing masks next year, Fauci said it was “possible that it does,” adding that it depends on the virus level in the communities and the possible variants of the virus.

The specialist believes that it is possible to resume a certain “level of normality” – although this depends on what “normality means”. “If they’re usually referring to how everything was before this happened to us, I can’t predict that. Of course, I think that in addition to the terrible burden we have all borne over the past year, we will have a high level of normalcy. “

“When it comes to autumn and winter, I totally agree towards the end of the year [com o Presidente Biden]because we may reach a level of normalcy, ”he said.

In an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press program, Fauci said it was too early to say when the United States could achieve the desired group immunity. “We want to be at a really low level before we think we are out of danger,” he said.

On the Fox News Sunday broadcast, the expert said Americans are likely to need a booster vaccine, depending on the direction the South African variant is headed.

The vaccines currently in existence seem to protect against the variant originally found in the UK, but the data available so far suggest that they offer less protection against the US non-dominant South African variant.

“If this becomes dominant, we may need to get another version of the vaccine that is specifically against the South African variant,” Fauci told Fox, adding that evaluations are already ongoing.