TAP flight between Portugal and Brazil scheduled for the 26th | Coronavirus

The Brazilian Consulate General in Lisbon announced in a statement that a flight from Portugal to Brazil will take place on Friday, February 26th. “The Brazilian Embassy in Lisbon and the Consulates General in Lisbon, Porto and Faro announce that the governments of Brazil and Portugal, through their respective foreign ministries, have negotiated the realization of an exceptional commercial flight of the airline TAP between Lisbon and Guaralhos” Can be read in the statement .

The flight operated by the Portuguese airline TAP will be a “private operation” and “for this reason, interested parties should contact TAP directly” and book flights using a form provided by the company located at ” In view of the state of emergency and the restrictions in force in Portugal, the consulates generally remind that only passengers with tickets confirmed by TAP are allowed to enter the airport, ”a statement said.

Passengers returning on the humanitarian flight must provide Covid-19 with evidence of the screening test with negative results and fill out the ANVISA (Traveler Health Declaration) form for entry to Brazil.

Flight from Brazil scheduled for day 27

There will be a flight from Brazil to Portugal on Saturday February 27th. “The two governments have been in contact with each other since the Portuguese government ceased operations on January 27, 2021, in order to facilitate the operation of extraordinary flights. The airlines have been informed of the conditions laid down by the Portuguese government for authorizing flights of this type “confirms the Consulate General of Brazil in Portugal.

These exceptional flights come after a public petition entitled “Return of Portuguese Citizens and Residents of Portugal Detained Abroad” addressed to the Portuguese government increased and had 1,086 signatures this Friday, Wednesday with 881 signatures. Originally from Brazil, the petition calls on the executive branch to “help Portuguese citizens and foreigners residing in Portugal return to Portugal”.

“Many of these people detained outside their home country or place of residence have problems maintaining housing and other basic costs in the countries where they are being held. Many families are separated, many people long to go home and see their spouses, children, and close family members. Many of these people even have to return to their jobs and schools in Portugal online, ”the petition reads.