Mariana Vieira da Silva confirms hardship will begin with schools coronavirus

Socialist leader and Minister of State and President Mariana Vieira da Silva confirmed this Saturday that the missing definition will start with schools, pointing out that the government, starting with the Minister of Education, has already expressed this intention.

“I wanted to say that I see myself in this problem. It is no coincidence that we have tried to avoid closing schools as much as possible and that the government has also said that it is precisely through schools that the lack of definition will begin again, ”said Mariana Vieira da Silva.

However, the return will not be made for the time being. “It seems premature to speak for these next fortnight without definition, and particularly in relation to schools,” he said at the end of a Socialist Youth (JS) sponsored forum entitled “Winning the Future – Make Your Voice Heard”. in who participated in a personal capacity.

António Costa’s minister and member of the PS National Secretariat participated in video conferences and responded to previous interventions to close schools, decided by the government with effect from January 22nd to stem the spread of covid-19.

On February 8, Tiago Brandão Rodrigues defended that “schools were the last to close” and “must be one of the first infrastructures to open”, starting with the schools of the youngest students. “We don’t want to normalize teaching at a distance. The preferred location for teaching is the classroom, especially for the little ones. Nothing can replace teaching in the classroom. As much as there are computers, parents willing to help students, and the availability of schools , none of us are aware that distance learning can replace teaching in the classroom, ”said the Minister of Education.

The Minister of the Presidency also noted that, at present, “despite the fact that schools are closed, about 18% of normal meals are served in an unclosed time”, given that “it is not that small”.

On the other hand, Mariana Vieira da Silva emphasized: “This school closure included measures that did not exist in the first [encerramento de escolas], namely the ability for students with additional therapies who have special educational needs to continue to attend school in person – and they go. “

It is now also possible to “identify pupils who have to be personal at school, who cannot be at school remotely”, stressed the minister and noted: “We often devalue this work. Our lives were shaped by the pandemic and I wanted to say that it will continue to be so, ”he said.

At the press conference on the conclusions of the Council of Ministers on Thursday, the Minister of State and the Presidency drew attention to the “extremely high number” of people being hospitalized in the intensive care unit, arguing that “this is incompatible with the creation of” “The Expecting a lack of clarity soon “.

“This is the time to address all Portuguese women and men again. We have to remember that we have a lot of hospital stays in hospitals and intensive care units. As we encourage the path we have taken, it is too early to think about the fact that it is about to end, ”he said.