Jorge Jesus says that “to play twice as much”, “I had to train” | SL Benfica

There are only four wins in nine games as a visitor on Benfica’s 2020/21 I Liga curriculum – the last was in Barcelos on December 20 – but Jorge Jesus believes his team has “improved over the last month” and comes back and points at covid-19 as he lowers the bar at the start of the season: “I said I was going to Benfica to play twice as much, but I had to train them and I could do two They don’t train for months. “On this Sunday’s trip to the Algarve (8:15 pm, SPTV1), the coach says that the” Reds “have to look for” the win and the three points “against Farense.

Still with the draw against Arsenal in Rome, a result that keeps everything open to be digested in the fight for qualification in the Europa League – “I haven’t even seen the team that played on Thursday just recovered “-, Jorge Jesus confirmed that Gabriel will be the replacement for the punished Weigl in Faro and left open the possibility to make further changes:” For some it is normal [jogadores] are more charged than others and then I have to change. “

The wear and tear of some of his athletes and the results that were below expectations actually motivated an analysis of Jesus who, despite the union of “President, coach, Rui Costa and players”, was not surprised by the opposition to his work.

The coach says “how obvious” the fans “want to win anyway” regardless of “what happened to the team”. And what happened, according to Jesus, was something that was “not prepared”. “The expectations for my arrival in Portugal were high. I remember what I said – that I would let Benfica play twice. But for that I had to train her. And I couldn’t train them for two months. “

On Jorge Costas Farense, Jesus highlights “a well-organized opponent on the defensive, with some high-profile players and others with a lot of experience in the I League”, but Benfica “only has to look for one result: a win and three places”.