To date, taxpayers must validate the budget with the IRS tax authority

The deadline for taxpayers to report the budget to the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) ends this Friday after the government decided to extend it by five days.

This extension was intended to compensate taxpayers who did not comply with this tax formalities by the February 15th deadline, as access to the finance portal registered on that day was restricted due to the high number of authentications, which exceeded one million.

This means that the budget can be updated by the end of this Friday. This is an important step for taxpayers who have changed their marital status, had children or have passed the age in the past year as they are no longer considered tax-dependent, or for those who have changed their address.

This notification from the household must also be made, and in this case by both parents if there is joint custody of relatives. In this case, they must indicate who has parental responsibility, whether or not there is an alternative residence and what percentage of this is expenditure that each parent supports.

In addition to a specific deduction per dependent – € 600 if you are over three years of age and € 725 below the age of parents – parents can use expenses related to their children’s education and health to lower the tax.

Household validation allows taxpayers to benefit from the automatic IRS (if they meet the required income profile) and allows AT to perform the necessary calculations so that individuals exempt from filing the IRS return can receive tax exemption moderators in the National Health Service and can benefit from the social electricity tariff or social support.

This step is also relevant for enrollment in public schools and the update should refer to the composition of the budget on the last day of the previous year.

Communicating the budget is one of the first steps in preparing the filing of the IRS annual return after the deadline for registering or approving invoices issued in 2020, as well as resolving outstanding issues (this occurs whenever an entity has more than Has an Activity Record (CAE)).

The calendar associated with the IRS campaign also allows taxpayers to view deductible expenses between March 16 and March 31 and file claims if they have omissions or inaccuracies in the expenses or in their calculation relating to general family expenses and expenses with the right to determine the deduction of VAT for the invoice obligation specified by AT.

For education or health expenses, housing or housing, taxpayers can correct the amounts calculated by the AT when filing the IRS annual return, indicating the values ​​they deem correct in accordance with Appendix H.

This possibility for the taxpayer to refuse the amounts calculated by the AT if they do not match the invoices in his possession implies that they will be kept for at least four years.

By March 31, you can also specify who you would like to send 0.5% of the IRS paid and / or the 15% VAT amount for expenses with restaurants, accommodations, hairdressers, workshops, or veterinarians. This option can also be chosen when filing the IRS statement.

The IRS return filing is April 1st through June 30th and the tax refund or payment is due August 31st.

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